Alternative to rehabs

I mostly lurk on the forums but wanted to ask for some input on a new area I am working on. I have been rehabbing houses for over thirty years - I started out as a remodeling contractor and always had my own projects going. I eventually quit contracting in favor of my own projects. I always focused on flips because I wasn’t interested in landlording - plus I enjoy the creative outlet and doing things a bit nicer than for rentals.

Recently, I turned some of my attention to consulting with folks building or remodeling their own home. This led me to working on a modular new home package that I think has some great investment potential. I am working with small house design that qualifies for green certification. Personally, I think this is where the market is headed.

I have always had good results selling my homes in a niche market. I would love to find people to network and partner with.


Hi Ron,

That is awesome! That’s not an area of investing that fits into my current activities, and I know it will be somewhat specialized, but I do have an idea on how to start attracting potential interest.

The world of blogging is completely new to me…I just started doing it and am learning as I go, but I am shocked out how big this is in world (apparently I was too old-school and wasn’t keeping up…hahaha). Anyway, I know that “green” is definitely the wave of the future and that there are many people who are very passionate about this. You could start a blog to start educating people about green homes AND about the investment potential.

You could potentially attract both homeowners AND investors!!

There’s another way of networking that I recently learned about. I haven’t had a chance to attend one yet, but there is a website called and it’s a way for people who have a similar interests to find each other in their areas and meet up. I think you could do the same thing - start to educate about benefits both to homeowners (I was assuming there is a way for you to make money with people buying for themselves) and investors.

I recently read about that kind of thing…I think it was called education marketing. When you establish yourself as the expert, when people are ready to move forward, who better to talk to than the one who as already earned their trust.

And of course, you’re doing a good thing on the earth!

If you do decide to start a blog, please add me to the email list. I’d love to become more educated in that area as well.
Have a fantastic week!


Thanks for the input Stacy. My wife just started a blog to help people focus on creative and green aspects of design and decorating. It is just in the beginning stages but please take a look and let me know what you think. I have a link in the “about” section of my website.

I think you are right about the education. Along with the rest of marketing, it is often the most difficult part of making business work. I would love to find investor / partner(s) to help with the marketing. Affordable, small, green homes are probably the only segment of the industry that is not in decline - and my guess is that it will only increase.