Alternative to Hard Money?

Hi All,
I am getting ready to make my move so I looked at some of the Hard Money guys advertising on the sight. Wow! Talk about expensive. One company wanted 5 points and 12%. On a $200,000 loan for 4 months I would end up paying $18,000. For 4 months! Thats not to say that they do not deserve that type of return, of that I do not question or care. However, It leads me to reconsider mortgaging with a bank or more traditional, long term lending institution. Of course, being new, I’m trying to figure out the negatives on doing so. I suspect that after the second mortgage that lasts for 4 months, the bank would probably stop lending me money. Is this concern a reality? Are there any other difficulties in flipping with traditional lending? If so how have you overcome those difficulties without resorting to Hard money. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

With HML you don’t expose your resources and won’t tie up your capital for down payment and rehab funds.