Also brand new

I am looking to buy my first house. I live in Ashburn, VA and the prices here are ridiculous. Is it wise to buy foreclosed properties? “If I can find one!”

I’m also interested in real estate investment opportunities. I just started learning the Carlton Sheets ‘No Money Down’ and it’s a wealth of information. Would it be a good idea to invest within this area, even though it’s expensive. Note: The equity in these homes is raising up over $60,000 a year according to several owners I’ve spoken to.

Does anyone know of an investment club I can join locally?

I’ve worked hard to clear my credit, and even though I don’t have any money for down payment, I am motivated in getting this off the ground, and making a success out of it.

Please advise more. Thank you in advance.

Real estate in the entire Metro DC area is ‘outta control’. That is one of the reasons we cashed out and moved.

A few things:

(1) Carlton Sheets provides a decent ‘primer’ for real estate for the really, really new (like you are). I think you will have a difficult time applying most of the ‘no money down’ techniques in the overheated DC area.

(2) I know that there is an REI club in the south-Alexandria area. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll see if my buddy still has the contact info.

(3) I think you will find it really tough going in that market so, GOOD LUCK TO YOU!


Yes Keith. Any help would be of help to me. I would love to leave the area, but I am also a student in the area and would hate to lose valuable credits while transfering. My mind is open, and challenges are welcomed in any capacity.

This is probably the best move I’ll ever make, therefore I want to make a solid start. Keith, you sound like a great member, and I will be more than happy to speak with anyone of your buddies. Thank you in advance Keith.

I sent a note to my buddy but it’s at his work address so it will probably be next wekk before I hear back…have a good weekend!


I already appreciate everything. Look forward to hearing from your buddy Keith.

Let me ask this? Where is the best place on the East Coast to start investing and prosper? Nice place to make good returns on investments.

You’re question is nearly impossible for me to answer! For each member in here, you’ll get a different answer…it also depends on what you are planning to do in the REI world.

BTW, I got an out of office reply from my buddy and he will be out of the office until the 12th.


Not a problem Keith. It won’t hurt to wait. I just got in touch with a member of a club in Alexandria, VA, and I will be talking with him more in a week or so.

All the help is wonderful I must say Keith. I will chat online with different members as time goes, and keep the success stories counting. :wink: