Alot of calls but no deals!!

Hello folks I just sent out 1k post cards(absentee owners) got about a 15-20% response…but most all of them were hang ups,( using a 24hr recoreded msg) and even a few folks telling me to stop sending them cards cause there home is not for sale…is this something that’s just part of the business? I have a list of 2800 names, so I have another 1800 to send out…spreading mail outs. Thanks.

Why are you using a recorded message? why not answer the phone yourself so you eliminate the hangups?


What would be the best way to go if you work a full time JOB and are unable to answer the phone between 8 and 5? There might not be another way to go. In the past I’ve seen suggestions of having a live answering service but those cost some dough, which might be to much for a beginner.

I agree with fadi, but if there is no way for you to answer the phone at work try stating something like “Call after 5pm for an immediate response” in your letter.


If you can’t answer the phone, then I would go with an answering service with a script to get their name, address, and contact information and a buying specialist will call them back within 24 hours. You can check with local answering services and national ones.

The issue with not answering the phone yourself is that you have no control over who hangs up, or provide more information to someone who might have some questions.

The only times you don’t want to answer the phone are:

  1. You cannot get to the phone due to work, or other reasons
  2. You do not want to take calls after certain times or weekends for example to spend with family
  3. You have enough leads coming in that you are not worried about those who hang up

Some callers will hang up on a recorded message or voice mail and call the next person. Some will leave a message.

Now, this may not be mia’s problem, it could be the language in her mailings or she just have not reached a motivated seller yet. hard to tell. Angry calls is normal part of the business :slight_smile:

One of the other alternatives would be to use a call capture system so you knwo what number called and even if they hang up you would be able to call them back to judge their interest.

Thanks Fadi, that’s about what I was thinking also.

live 24-hr operator

hey if you’re strapped on cash in the beginning and working a 9-5 then why not just send the letters out on a thursday and plan for the calls to be coming in on either friday or sat.? Also, you NEED to understand that with absentee owners, depending on your area may be a flooded list so the key here is to hit them at least 5 times…and most investors just stop after one and give up. But don’t! Just stay motivated and keep sending them except to the ones that said not to…hope that helps a little.

What about giving potential prospects the option of either calling or visiting your website where they could fill out a form?

Tom - njss - I appreciate the info… that’s a great service for the price.

live 24-hr operator

Just Say,

Hello, you have reached the private home office of [your name here], I am either away from my desk or on the other line, please leave your name number and a brief message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. {If you have a website, then you can add:}, You can also reach me on my website at, Have a great day. 


This will work almost every time, even if you’re using a 24/7 recorded message.



I’m new to the site was browsing the forum and saw your post. I can honestly say it’s true you learn something new everyday. lol. As I’m new to the business, it was overwhelming to be remdinded of what I could be facing making phone calls as a private investor. (hang ups, no call backs, do not call etc).

I am actually going into a joint venture with a company that handles all the leads as well as providing the cash. Their one time fee is low $297, which includes your own website. You can receive $150 for each of the partners you bring in as well.

Let me know what you think.

http://www. I THINK YOU ARE BOARD HUSTLING FOR THE $150 DOLLARS. Com This is why your link to their web site was deleted…

Yes that could be really nice idea. or you can train your wife or your sun or any other family member to answer them.

Good for you for sending them out! Consistency is one of the most important aspects in this as well as other businesses. If you send enough cards, enough times, to the right audience (and absentee owners is a good one), AND if you make offers, you will get deals!

Keep up the good work!

instead of having hang ups and people calling you – here is a slight twist.

if you absolutely want to find a potential seller (or sellers) and learn more about the area your trying to buy in - here are a few tricks.

what would you rather have - a list of 700 names on an excel spreadsheet from the local tax base - or a list of 40 names of real sellers that you crafted yourself.

a few tips –

pinpoint the area you want to purchase in.

drive around that area and write down every rental property that has a hand scrawled “for rent” sign. Call them and begin your discussion on purchasing.

If you call more than 12 of them, you will get 8 that answer the phone and 1 that is interested in selling (as they are probably a motivated seller with a property for rent).

one of the keys on the 8 that answer is to ask if they know other landlords or homeowners that have properties for sale. Write down their names and add to you list.

then call those potential sellers - and repeat.

basically, what your doing is “farming” the area.

not only will you build a quality list of potential sellers - but you will learn more about that area and whether it is a great place to buy - or a dump that you need to get away from as quickly as possible.

yes; this method takes a little bit longer than buying a list. But it gets you straight to the source - the actual seller, and helps you learn more about your area that your trying to buy in.

best of luck in your marketing.