Alone or togheter

Hi Im a fairly new investor in Norway :o
First of all I havent read any post from Norway here yet. So if anybody wonder how the real estate market is in Norway I can share with you that it is extremely hot. The averege amount of time it takes to sell a property is 17 days and prices are appreciating fast. My question is for now not so deep really. Im now about to get me a little office and wonder if I should do it alone or maybe get togheter with some other investors so that we can go togheter on bigger prosjects when putting our forces togheter. It could get a little boring being all by your lonesome too right? Any experience?

Having partners sounds like fun. It isn’t.

Only partner up on deals which you absolutely can’t do alone. And then make sure that it is a slam dunk short term deal.

Thanks for the feedback Steve. Comments like that is what Im looking for. I have a feeling it can be a little complicated. Thats why I asked.

There are articles on this site about partnering that can help you. Just like a marriage, they can be good or bad depending on many things. I have some clients that I trust and would partner with any day. Then, there are snakes out there who will let you down, so you just need to be careful.