Almost 7 weeks with no answer from bank if they have accepted my offer?

I have been waiting almost 8 weeks for the bank to determine if they will accept my offer.

Is this normal or is there something else going on behind this short sale

The BPO was done and then they advised it was missing a form about rent and they would get that form and put a rush on it. That was 10 days ago.

Coconutgreene, it has been my experience that a short requires daily handling of the file if you expect results you can live with. That wheel big wheel will never move fast as long as you need it to, only when you need it to stop, and that never happens unless you need it to MOVE…So, in light of all that, expect no one involved to perform @ the level you require, just doing their job is too much normally to expect. You will need to be on the case @ every turn to make things come together. Great rule of thumb might be; NEVER wait for that call you’ve been promised regarding any point having to do with a SS. ALWAYS call them, (get ready for endless time on hold only to be hung up on, or lost in VM hell), and as long as you are cool, sort of falsely innocent, you will only make yourself more appealing to deal with in the minds of the drones in LM. Lastly, engage your drone to the point of finding out what days it likes to pick up the phone and how it likes to be contacted. Might not be via phone. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Yes, this is normal, 8 weeks seems a bit long, but extended periods is what I anticipate.

Usually a matter of a few days or maybe a week, the longest was two weeks.

Withdraw your offer. The reason they have not accepted is because they think something better will come in. You have waited 8 weeks, not yet for them, maybe next week!
Withdraw and watch how fast they accept. Not to say they will, but I have withdrawn and got an acceptance the next day. Other times I let it go and lose the deal to a higher “bidder”

Assest managers lose their jobs if they do not sell!!


The problem with a short sale is that the owner also has to agree to the terms. I have seen them go from short sale to foreclosure and them the price drop. Even though the price for the short sale was 2x what the sale was after the foreclosure.

Thank you for your response.

I have thought about withdrawing the offer and now there is a new development!

It turns out the the individual who owned this property was arrested for Money laundrying and Mort. Fraud in the tune of 700,000 plus. I am not certain of the outcome on the court hearing and if they pled guilty, however now it is vunerable to the government seizing the property. :shocked

Wondering if I should withdraw the offer and offer less based on this issue. I am thinking the bank may accept less because they stand to loose big time if the property is seized.

Help…I have no idea what to do.