All These Foreclosures - All those folks with RUINED CREDIT!!!! read on

talk about clearing out the “wanna-be” investors…there are going to be so many properties banks will be begging us to take off their hands…we will set the prices… lol hehe

especially with the new bankruptcy laws etc,talk about eliminating some of our competitors (those who should not be speculating in the first place),

not many newspapers etc talk about all the folks whose credit will be toasted,so folks like us with the knowledge and cash will be on top…

my section 8’s will welcome those yuppies!!! hehehe

its going to be an interesting decade coming…

my 2 cents

Robert A. Doncaster, Jr. - “RAD”
Import/Export Entrepreneur & Investor

Chicago Illinois USA
& sometimes Salzburg, Austria

The upside to all these foreclosures is that people still need a place to live. We can then purchase those foreclosures at low prices and turn around and rent it to other foreclosed people who need a place to rent.

Now and in the coming years will be a good time for long term property investors. Those who purchase, fix, and then rent out.

Houston guy just hit the nail on the head.

We’re coming into a BUY and HOLD period. I still think we have a long way to fall yet, so I am currently slowing my buying. But, your right, good times ahead, no doubt!