All in One REITOOL

hello everyone. if you could have a service which provided you all the necessary tools for your REI business (an emphasis mostly on preforeclosures & foreclosures) how much would you pay for it w/out hesitation?

It would depend on the specifics of what features are included. What do I get? There are a lot of companies out there that offer various services for various prices. Let’s take for example. He charges over $30 per month for basically just a cheesy hud1 generator. His main income is from site product sales, not from the primary feature that he markets, the hud1 generator. After paying for the first month and seeing what I was paying for I canceled my membership. The price for the generator was ridiculous. Also, the appearance of the generator looked like a high school senior project, not like a professional generator.

GooD LucK! :beer

great insite. that allowed me to think in another direction ;]

for sake of the poll. assume you would be paying for a service which would meet most (if not all) of your rei needs. a way to track leads, automated mailers, etc. basically from soup to nuts. an application that could be used for your primary tool.