Alex Gurevich??? In Austin


Who is this guy? What info do you need on trusts and short sales? I have a good attorney who can give you all the info you need on trusts and I have some short sale resources. Took a few classes on the subject.

Well Dallas has a great real estate investor’s club. They’re very large and provide a lot of info. This guy is supposed to be here, but I am active in local clubs and haven’t seen or heard him. Maybe I just missed him or maybe he’s not so great.

There’s too much info to learn via email or in a chat forum, especially if you don’t have a specific question. This forum has articles written by experts on trusts as well as short sales. Your local investor clubs will have resources, referrals and tools you need.

Once you have more specific questions, we can probably help. If someone wants to learn about a subject in general, it limits responses other than providing recommended resources. also has some good books on short sales. Preforeclosure Property Investor’s Kit was an ok read to get started.