Alan Cowgill

Anyone have this book?

For $5 plus $3 shipping I figure if I get even ONE idea from it it’s a win for me. And yes for those that remember Alan getting into trouble with the SEC regarding the wording of his ads this is the 2007 version that is updated to correct that. Looking to see if anyone can comment on this.

For the price, I don’t see why not. It is retailed at $17 on his website. As far as the SEC goes, I called the SEC and an attorney working for them called me back and answered my questions for free and offered to answer more questions via email, so I would definitely call them if there are certain questions.

As far as Cowgill’s book goes, at 124 pages and the number of topics he is covering, I believe it will be mostly an upsell for his program but again, at that price what the heck.

Recently I listened to a teleseminar by Cowgill and one by Scott Scheel, both were 90 minutes and about 15-20 mins of sales pitch at the end. Despite the heavy pitch I learned something from both. They left a lot to be desired but I did learn something so I can’t complain. If I learn anything I figure it’s worth it.

I agree, I have his home study course and currently looking for a good deal on his SEC course.

$150 isn’t too bad for that course considering his seminar costs are over $2k. Keep an eye on ebay…

I have the home study course too. Lots of great ideas that I have yet to put into play mostly because we have a working credit line at a bank and dont have a problem getting cash. I did just order the commercial course from him that I really want to check out. Talks about pooling money from investors to buy bigger properties such as large apartment buildings.
For what its worth, any of you guys that have done at least a couple of deals, has a 650 credit score and can write a biz plan could probably get a credit line at a small local bank too. Lot easier and less headaches for smaller properties than private investors would be, I think.

You had better do things EXACTLY RIGHT if you are going to pool money and especially if you are going to publically advertise to pool money. The very last thing you need is a visit from the SEC.


Pooling gets done every day in real estate whether its a syndication, LP, REIT, TIC or whatever. We all follow our landlord/tenant laws, building code laws, fair housing, IRS and various other real estate laws everday, you dont follow them you get in trouble. The SEC is no different. Treat the security laws with the same respect as the others, but dont in any way let it intimidate you. The laws and government are there to serve and protect you, not for you to serve them.

Of course, if you dont follow them, you end up like John Ulmer and Westhaven.


The auction just ended so I should be getting my book soon. I noticed the email address was to a Cowgill name so it looks like Alan himself is quietly selling a few cheap to get the word out. I’ll post my review when I receive and read it.