Alan Cowgill

Has anyone heard of this gentlemen or bought his product.He teaches how to get private investors ect… I’ve tried researching him and have found favorable responses to his program.

He got whacked for violating SEC rules for soliciting from the public. He has updated his material for compliance, but anyone who wants to use his methods should run them past local counsel.

His program is ok, but not what you may expect. It teach you how to market and conduct a public seminar to attract people with money and during the semenar you sell them on investing with you.

You cannot advertise to solicit funds, but you can advertise to run a seminar to show people they can make good return. In the seminar that you run, you sell them on investing with you.

:cool IT is a very good to learn how to sell yourself and your deals !! THIS really is the same thing you would have to do with the banks or any one else . IT is just with him you are selling your goods to private people IF you are not good at this you can all ways work with good broker whom deals with all types of loans banks // hard money /// private funds //ect

THERE are many good ones on this site they know how to make your deal sound the best it can !! THEY take your confusion and make it work

Finding private money was always a challenge for me at first till I understood the business and became good at it, or at least sounding good at it. Through networking and letting people know what I am doing, now I have people offering either money, or financial partnerships.

Finding the money is just part of the equation.

Why would anyone do business with you? Would you be willing with a straight face to ask your parents to give you their entire retirement funds to invest and you can absolutely guarantee them a return or at least not losing their retirement funds?
Would you be confident enough to sell them on what you are doing and have the peace of mind to do it? If not, then you are not ready to ask for money from others. If you are, then start with family and friends and work from there.