Alameda County CA Court Question

I live in Alameda County in California and I’m having the hardest time finding information regarding foreclosures. I called the Public Records department and they said I can only look up information if I had the property owners name. I thought I could see the foreclosures recorded daily. I’m also having trouble with their online website looking up property appraisal and property tax records.

So, if anyone is in Alameda County…I would love your feedback.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi, Donna:

My name is Steve. I have been trained as a Title Examiner and Title Searcher with Chicago Title Insurance Company and have over 14 years in the business searching and examining real estate in Alameda County.

As well as Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco Counties.

I’ll do my best to answer your specific questions for you. Perhaps, you and/or others here in the Bay Area have questions they need help with. I am also opened to doing paid title searches Alameda County - So, if you want to know what’s going on with liens, judgements, taxes owed, or any other encumbrance that my play into your escrow problems, it’s good to know what you’re looking at when you want to, huh? I think! Have a Blessed Day!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Donna,

I try to keep the Alameda and other surrounding county updated every friday or so…

Thanks so much…this is very helpful.


Thanks for the feedback. I actually look for property leads for investors and I try to give them as much detailed information as I can to save them time.

The online public records for Property Appraisal and Property tax or very vague…not much information. Is there somewhere else I can look online for this information If I already have the property owners name/address??

Thanks again for your feedback.

thanks kthor. i’m not the original poster but this is the most complete site i’ve seen just for doing a general search. i don’t live in alameda county, i’m in southern cal --riverside/san bernardino area.