Akron, Ohio HML needed

Looking for a HML in Akron, Ohio. I have a property that needs to close by Aug. 8. It is a short sale with a 61,000 purchase price. I have 30,000 down. You can email me at temarcum@earthlink.net.

Thank you,


There are a couple of Ohio Hard Money Lenders that can help you with this request. Is there a reason you want to go that hard money route? With that much available for downpayment it would be kind of hard to be able to get conventional financing.

There’s no problem with conventional fianance it’s the time factor.
The bank wants a close date of 8/8/06 and I’m going the conventional route but it doesn’t look like it will close before I need it. So I decided to try hm.

Thanks again

If you go no doc all the lender will require is title, insurance, 1003, credit and appraisal. You should be able to close by the 8th if you go no doc.

What bank is selling the property?

US Bank