can anyone explain the difference between these for me and my buddy from alaska who is down visiting me in “Los Wages”.

Howdy Bill:

Actually they are all pretty much the same. The All inslusive deed of trust is a wrap. Wrap is kind of slang for the AITD.

When buying sub2 you may also use an AITD if the seller has equity and is financing it. The AITD is just the name of the document that is used to finance the sell when the seller is financing some of the sale price and the sellers loan is still in place either assumed or bought subject to that note and deed of trust.

I hope I have not confused you even more. I have trouble putting my thoughts into words.

I understand, I will read it a few times then I usally get it!

knot the sharpest knife in the drawer here, but i try!

thanks again