Airless Paint Systems

I just picked up a nice 3br, 2ba home from the foreclosure market.

As is to be expected, it is in need of some repair. There is nothing major structural, etc…just a good cleaning, paint, and carpet.

Been looking at airless spray systems and wonder what your thoughts are on the Graco LS15, LS17, or LS19. I have lots of experience with air type spray systems but none with airless.

They are not that expensive. I will have no use for it after this job. Should I buy one or just rent one from an equipment rental?

Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

Bill H

We own a Graco LTS17 we got from Lowe’s. I think it cost about $400. I’ve used it to paint the exterior of several houses and loved it for that. I’ve used it on a couple interiors. If you’re replacing the flooring, it’s not that bad. If you have to mask off a bunch of stuff inside, it’s sort of a pain to use it inside. I don’t know about rental rates for something like that but I don’t think I’d buy one if you aren’t going to use it again.

Most rental places don’t rent them because if they are not taken care of you will have problems when you need it the most. I bought a commercial unit about 5 years ago and love it. It will take more time to mask and tape but you can get a primer coat and a cover coat done in one day.

When I do a clean up with the machine I spray clean water through it until it comes out clean. After that I will run mineral spirits through it until it comes out the spray end. Since I started doing this I have not had any problems. The machine will pay for it’s self quickly if you continue to do rehab’s.

good luck!

I’ve used the Wagner airless procoat (Lowes $229). worked like a champ. sprayed the popcorn ceilings in an entire house in under 2 hours. (spent 5 hours taping and wrapping cabinets and wood paneling, though.)

easy to use. draws straight from a 5 gallon pail. powerful spray. cleanup in a tub or outside with a hose.