I am going after a property owned by AHMSI. The previous owners went bankrupt and the foreclosure was finalized last January (1 year ago). I’ve been calling AHMSI but they tell me to wait until its listed. Does anyone have any contacts to help me get this property? I would love to buy it from them but they won’t sell it to me. Any contacts of asset managers, etc? I’ve called their main number several times with no luck. Anyone have any success with them? The property’s lender was Wells Fargo and its now being held by AHMSI www.ahmsi3.com


If you show the servicing company proof of funds you can buy they will talk to you.

You may want to do some more research on this. AHMSI appears to be a servicer. They generally do not own or hold the actual note on the property. You need to find out who actually holds the lien on the property.

The property is listed on the county auditor as being owned by Wells Fargo Bank NA. I called Wells Fargo and that’s how I got directed to AHMSI. Should I try and submit and offers to Wells Fargo? If so, who should I send it to?


i am currently in Canada and dealing foreclosure property since two year.
i am not understanding your problem, if the property is listed one than you have to bid it in auction but first submit your quotation. if you want use preforeclosure option than u must contact with the owner.explain your status first!

The property is already foreclosed but not for sale and the bank doesn’t seem to want to talk to me. They are fooling around and I’m worried it will be too run down for me to buy.


The bank / lender is not fooling around with you! They have shadow inventory that they are holding to keep from flooding certain area markets with more homes which would further colapse the value of area properties!

Go on to the next property! Here in Las Vegas, Phoenix and parts of California and Florida lenders own so much shadow property it could take 5 to 10 years to sell it off little by little just to avoid further colapsing markets and devaluing there own properties!

It doesn’t belong to you so if they want to let it become run down so be it!


Well I’m after this one in particular because I own the two next to it and my tenants complain how run down this house is. Lots of incentive to get it but the bank doesn’t seem to be taking offers…

You need to deal with AHMSI who is handling it for Wells Fargo.