Agent License benefits to an Investor

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If I have the opportunity to obtain an agent’s license at no cost to myself, is it worth the time? Its 150 hours and almost entirely online. I’m thinking - oh yeah! The benefit of having access to MLS is of great benefit even if that’s the only one. To me that’s the only reason. What other benefits are there as you see them? My other question to those who are currently licensed and practice investing - how do you maintain alliance with an agency? Can you gain access to the MLS without being associated with a broker? I understand this to be no. Especially since most of your time is dedicated towards investing. I understand the legalities making a clear discernment of what your role is when investing versus acting as an agent. Having the buyer/ seller or other sign an Agency Disclosure specific to your state to ensure you don’t get sued at a later time because they misunderstood who was representing them.

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Not to sound rude but if you do a search on this topic you will see hundred of threads on this topic. Its a question that seems to arise on a monthly basis.

And of course the more access you have to the MLS the better you are. Only thing is you have to disclose to all buyers/sellers your an agent as well. Check with your local realtor board on rules and regulations for acting as an agent on your personal deals.

Yrush is right.

These are all over the place here, but I’d be glad to give you a few as teaser: :smile

  1. Access to properties
  2. Professional courtesy (some realtors don’t like dealing with just investors)
  3. MLS comps etc
  4. You can use your commision to sweeten the deal for your seller’s agent
  5. Realtors will see you as one of their own and take your offers more seriously


Thanks for the information. I look around a bit more.

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