agent commisions

if you are a real estate agent and you purchase a REO for your personal investment do you still get the commision as if it were for a client??

are you an agent?
then the broker gets the comm. never the agent.
then pays you .
If you are the buyer then yes you get the comm.
ask your broker if reo pays a comm.
I would think that they do unless the broker does this for fun and not as a business.


What do Brokers, pimps and lawyers have in common…They always get paid.

I think the listing broker actually gets paid less anyway when they list. The banks may not pay you a commission. The broker’s fee is often 1-2% on the listing side. The bank then pays a buyer’s agent 2-3%.

if the listing agent finds a buyer then they get the entire commission.
unless tx. is diff. the listing agent shares the comm. w/selling agent.
there is only 1 commission, it’s either split or kept by the listing broker.
if the brokers agent buys the house then whatever comm. split that agent has arranged with the broker determines his comm.the entire comm. is due the listing broker