After reading i have ?'s please help

OK i have been reading and almost completed the david finkle and peter book and making big money investing in real estate without tenents ect… (lease options)

Also what are some expenses i will have to pay like if iam paying the seller 1300 and getting 1600 from my buyer-tenent what expense do i have to pay for. as far as like taxes and stuff… dont know if iam asking this the right way…

Really need to find someone local who is actually out there doing this method… how do i find them?

There is a listing of RE Clubs in your area if you go to the RE Clubs link under Investor Resources to the right of this message.

Good Luck

on a lease option… you don’t own the house… your not responsible for taxes and insurance.

of course… he would want your payment to him to cover all that and you want your incoming payments to be higher and keep the difference.

if you structure your agreements correctly… you can have the seller cover repair costs for the first 30 days and have your tenant buyer be responsible for all repairs after the first month. put yourself in a no-risk situation. good luck

OK my rei club wont respond to emails…

So how can i get invloved with bird dogging until i can legally own property.

Off the wall thought! Does anyone know how old you have to be to have a LLC or an S corp is this a state by state issue? When do you turn 18?

Pretty sure thats a state by state issue-I have seen some states that require you to be 18, while others are 19 or 21…


I turn 18 in may 29th next year i think iam going to just work and read alot more books about . lease option’s do you guys think around my b-day next year that lease option will still be worth investing in…?

Also whats the best state to do a lease option or would it matter?
I just thought there was a state that lease option would work better in like getting more for your rent to own payments that you will be reciveing