After joing a REI club...

After joining a REI club what should be my next step? what investment would typically be the best “beginners” investment? I live in Connecticut and I am having a hard time finding good deals which are under market value i would appreciate any help with that too. I appreciate everyones help who responds to my posts, this site is really teaching me alot.

Hello, Your next step is to network with the experienced investors at your club. They can help you with understanding your local market and help you decide which part of real estate you have an interest in.

Attend as many meetings as you can about foreclosures, how to flip, wholesale, and rehab properties. This will also give you an idea of what you want to do.

Hey, Ram,

I am in CT also. Hartford County.
Which club did you join? Only you can determine what your investing strategy is. Many people like the idea of buying, rehabbing and flipping to make quick cash but get discouraged because they can’t find a deal.

If you are 20, perhaps you should consider buying your own personal residence as your first property. That way you can take advantage of lower interest rates for an owner occupied property.

Ther are also first time buyer loan programs in CT that offer very reduced interest rates and no money down programs.

Good luck

Hey jeff thanks for the advice, i am actually looking for a REI club to join any suggestions? id love to talk more about real estate with you do you have an email? is the Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association.

I can’t say good or bad about it but they seem to have a lot of interesting seminars.

My email is in my profile.