Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

Hello All,

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a resource for affordable kitchen cabinets for a higher end rehab project that I am doing. This house should retail for around 410,000 (which is a fairly significant amount here in GA) when completed, so I can’t go with the basic stuff, but can’t break the budget either.

Does anyone know of a resource for ready to install cabinets that if done right, could appear to have a semi-custom look?

Thanks in advance.

If you find a source, please let us know.

I just went through the same thing on a house with an ARV in the same neighborhood as yours. I finally just bit the bullet and ordered cab’s from a local distributor. They were priced a little better than Kraftmaid or comparable cab’s from a big box, but not a whole lot better.

Uuugh, that’s what I was afraid of. :frowning:

A few people have suggested looking into a local mom & pop carpenter that makes custom cabinets. I can’t imagine that route would be less expensive, but it’s on my list to look into first thing in the morning. I’m not holding my breath…

Get a copy of FINE HOME BUILDING they have dozens of ads in the back for shops that make cabinets. Most of these places are just shops, no showrooms, no frills, great prices! I just rehabed a ranch house that had decent quality cabinets but the doors were hideous. I ordered new doors and draw fronts from Lakeside moulding (just google it) I painted all the boxes antique white the doors arrived 10 days later in a super sturdy wooden crate. I painted everything, added crown moldings(best money you’ll ever spend on a kitchen remodel, makes cheap cabinets look expensive) I purchased 22 doors including the draw fronts and it cost $346 with shipping. These guy’s were great to deal with. If your cabinet boxes are good just go with the new doors and add the crown.

If you can go with paint-grade cab’s, definitely consider what Petemfa said. I’ve seen pictures of beautiful kitchens in high-end homes with painted cab’s. But, (yes, there’s a but) you need to have a real good eye for color and design if your going to paint them.

As far as stained cab’s, I don’t know of any local carpenter that can compete with the big guys on finish. Kraft-maid and other factories take about 10 steps in the finishing process. That’s why the tone, grain and sheen are remarkably uniform. Even guys that have a spray booth can’t compete with that. The cab’s you buy from a carpenter will probably be made from better material and be better built. But they don’t look as good.

You might check out Cardell Cabinets out of San Antonio, TX. Under the skin, it’s just particle board cr@p. But the finish looks great.

Ddavis is right on the money. The wood doors Lakeside makes would be almost impossible to match your exsisting boxes. BUT… Go to a high end kitchen showroom and check out the COLORS custom cabinet makers are putting on very high end cabinets. They all have sample colors for you to take home so matching something that they already spent tons of money to come up with is as easy as a trip to Sherwin Williams. (I always use their paint.) Worth every penny. You can save a LOT of maney and end up with a incredible looking kitchen.

Thanks so much for your replies.

The exsisting boxes are awful and have to come out, no question.

I’m off to google Lakeside now, and will check out the painting option. I guess I need to get out of the mindset that painted cabinets = a cheap look. I’ve been looking at several pics of painted cabinets today, and realize that you can acheive a very high end look with the right paint job.
I have a feeling this is the route I may take.

Thanks again for your replies, I really do appreciate them.


Petemfa, thanks for that website, it’s awesome, and inexpensive. I ran into wanting to replace cabinets on my last rehab and ended up painting them. They looked ok but it would have been great to update with new fronts. Again, thanks for the info! Graciez

Your Welcome! Hey one thing I wanted to add. If you buy the MDF paint grade doors use a 3" or 4" foam roller to prime and paint them. They’ll look like you sprayed on the paint. And it’s incredibly fast! Use a latex primer and a latex paint and you can have all you doors primed and painted in 1 day. I always use Sherwin Williams paint. Not the cheapest but well worth the money. I’ve found that Lakeside’s classic square/rectangle raised panel doors look great anywhere, it’s a classic style that every one seems to like (in my experience.) Some of the MDF arch top doors look a little fake. (they are) Also, when your doors arrive mount them on the boxes BEFORE you paint or prime, this way any mistakes you make can be erased with wood filler. Then, when everything is painted all your doing is lining up your predrilled holes. I also number the doors so I know exactly were each one goes.
(that’s important)

Thanks for the tips!! Graciez

One more suggestion… Amish make fantastic custom cabinetry
if you have any nearby. My friend provided the cherry lumber, Amish made and installed the cabinets, I’m trimming it out.