AdWords Guide?

Hey guys,

Can anyone recommend a good adWords guide? I am starting with $500 budget, but for a week now, I have received 0 hits. I need to learn how to best use it so can anyone recommend a guide, book, or a course on adWords marketing?

I am currently scanning my hard drive for the AdWords guide that I bought a while back. However, given that I use AdWords successfully for my own business, I can tell you that there’s really not going to be a whole lot in there that will make you that much more successful on the Web. In my opinion, ours is a pretty simple business to market using AdWords.

If you want to take this conversation offline to keep your stuff somewhat private, that’s fine, but here’s what you need to look at.

When you say you’ve gotten no hits, does that mean that you’re not getting any searches of your keywords, or are there searches taking place that are not generating any clicks for you? If you’re not getting any searches, then you may have the wrong keywords (or maybe you’re in an area where Google won’t be highly effective for you).

Assuming you’re looking for sellers, you can try:

Sell house fast
Sell house quick
Sell house today
Stop foreclosure
Avoid foreclosure
Homevestors (up to you)
I Buy Houses
We Buy Houses

And so on…

You should be able to see using the traffic estimator if Google expects any activity.

Or, it could be that you’re not getting any ad displays because you’re not paying enough for a click. I am usually setting my max bid at $4 to $6 per click, depending on the word. Your mileage may vary.

Assuming that you’re getting searches but no clicks, then the you need to look at your ad. Is it compelling? Are you testing different versions?

If you’d like to discuss it one on one, please get in touch however you like. I’m more than happy to share my experience with this.

$4 to $6 for single click-through, are you serious? Those must be some outstanding leads!

I can easily get a thousand or more click-throughs for free from craigslist and not have a single serious buyer or seller among them.

You’ve heard the expression, “You pay for what you get,” right?

All I can say is that my AdWords campaign is a success.

I pay $35/lead, good or bad, to one of the national adWord advertisers for any lead in my county. This is costing me around $1000 per month, but I picked up a contract in my first month, and bird dogging two short sale leads right for $500 each if they go through.

I average about 1 to 2 leads a day from them. If I can successfully utilize this method, it will increase my prospect counts.

I too run ads on CraigsList, but I don’t get anything from it.

"You pay for what you get," right?
That's not always the case, I don't pay for sending emails to craigslist ads either, but I can sign 15-20 houses per 100 emails no problem.

Signs are also very cheap. I’m running at about 20 cents per lead for buyers and sell most of my houses thanks to signs.

But if you’re getting high-quality leads clicking through and making good money from those deals then it’s worth it, obviously!

Search the name Perry Marshall. He is an expert in adwords. Wrote a book about it and probably has the most experience on the internet using google adwords. That is a great starting point for anyone considering this style of advertising.

Another good source for adword info is Dan Sisson/Blue Moose Web Design’s book “Google Secrets.” I bought Dan’s book and later was luck enough to hire him as a consultant. He set up a really effective adword campaign for me. (He’s so good at it, BTW, that he’s now retired from SEO consulting.)