Advise needed

I found a brand new manufactured home 1,200 sqfeet for sale. It was manufactured as a class project by the local high school students. I would like to buy it and install on a lot in my city. I am looking for advise on how to start the process and what are the necessary steps. I am assuming I need to find somebody to transport it to the desired location first. Are there specialized companies that do that? If yes, how can I find them? Would they be responsible for any damage during trasportation? Second, what deprtment in the city I have to check with in regards to the codes and things like that. Also what kind of contractor I need for the fundation? What kind of money I would be looking at?


This site is more fro investors who invest in real estate and mobile homes. The information you seek is more for consumers. The following links are to a much better suited website for your questions. The second link takes you to their forums.

Mobile Home Central

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