Advise for a newby please


I am a recently commissioned Ensign out of The Ohio State University and am beginning to think about future investments in Real Estate. Currently, I have little money to devote to such things, but I am interested in educating myself on the subject for the future.

As an Ensign in the Navy and subject to moving around the country, and indeed the world, I am seeking advise on what sort of investments would be the most beneficial and practical for that kind of lifestyle.

Any advise, lessons learned, or WORTHWHILE LITTERATURE would be extremely helpful and appreciated. Also, I will be moving to Pensacola, FL shortly, so any tips on that location would be great.

I am basically just looking for a good starting point from gentlemen already engaged in the market. Thank you for your time and goodluck in all of your investments.

Very Respectfully,

Welcome and GO BUCKS! :beer:

As far as advice and lessons learned, the moderators of this site have created an environment that allows you to learn at your own pace. You get tips from those who have “been there, done that”. You can ask questions and receive solid answers.

If you have not decided what part of REI you want to do, then this is a good place to start! Read the various forums. Then decide which one is your “cup of tea”.

<<I am a recently commissioned Ensign out of The Ohio State University>>

Aren’t you guys with the Horse Chestnut as a mascot??


Keith (wife is an Ohio State grad!)

read, study, anything real estate
become a student of the game . This forum is a good place to start.

Dun Deel

Hi, I am really interested in starting to invest in real estate. I have read peter conti and David finkels books and am really motivated! My only problem is that I runed my credit when I turned 18, I am now 24, and I don’t have a lot of money to work with. My credit score is a 489. I know I have to start rebuilding my credit to further my options, but is it really possible for a person in my situation to really start a investing buisness? I am probably one of the most motivated people you will come across. I also would like to find a good mentor, but I don’t have thousands of dollars to pay someone. I would be willing to split some deals for their help.Thanks


Read RichDad/Poor Dad. That puts it all in perspective. (Can get at library for free - even on CD). Also, all of the articles to the left of this page under “Real Estate Articles” are extremely valuable and in fact give you an idea of the author before you put down $$$ for any programs.

elittle. The first step is to clean up your credit. Go to creditboards and read everything there. They describe how to validate/verify and dispute items on your credit reports. Got to get credit cleaned up or you’ll be paying out of the nose.

Good luck!