Advice with motivated seller leads

I have justed started out and am interested in purchasing motivated seller leads but am not really sure where to start. I’ve checked out a few lead sellers, ( etc) but most seem to be selling the leftovers that their ‘subscribers’ didn’t want.

Is there anywhere I can buy unique leads that aren’t sold off multiple times and haven’t been previously offered to ‘subscribers’?

How much should I expect to pay for a quality lead?

What sort of experiences have REI club members had with motivated seller leads?

I’d be really grateful for any help you can offer.

Why don’t you just develop your own leads instead of buying someone else’s leftover leads?


A lack of marketing experience I suppose. Also, I kinda like the idea of being able to pick and choose what I buy, rather than just getting stuck with what ever my marketing throws up.

I’m not after people’s left overs anyhow. I’m asking how I can find dedicated lead sellers.

dedicated lead sellers will charge you $30-$70/lead depending on where you are. You usually don’t get to pick, you get every single one of them so expect to pay $500 to $2000/month for leads. Majority of the leads will be no deals.

Find out if they have a legal newspaper in your area. There is one for the county I live in and it lists foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, probates, bankruptcies, and divorces. The best part is it is daily and can be viewed for free at the local library.

All these things are public record and should be available where you live.

I just wanted to clarify that the specific site you mentioned ( offers leads from areas that do not have subscribers. They are only sold once, and I have found them to be a valuble way to supliment my own marketing. As a matter of fact, Mike Collins allways talks about what a great job does with marketing and how many deals he has done frome their leads.

I have to agree, you shouldn’t be buying your leads from a lead provider. Pick a company that allows you a license right to use their name and infrastructure and become the “Go to “ Investor in your area that way.

You should always create a method of supporting your business with lead generation. Then work on lead capture, finally lead fulfillment.


Get your own leads. Develop a networking program that allows you to get in front of people. My best deals come from people that know me as the I buy house person. You should maintain a relationship with these people at least 6 times per year. I use direct mail, phone calls and set up personal meetings.

Direct mail to me is one of the cheapest way to build your leads. Get them in a funnel. You don’t need a large marketing budget either.

JR who are you sending these direct mailings to? Everyone in an area? Leads you receive expired listings etc?

I have done some research on internet lead generation websites. This is a little long but good info. Yes I am a little bias but the info is all fact. I hope it helps.

Fully Customized but No Traffic Lead Broker Websites:
These websites charge a large sign up fee (some as much as $4,500).
You then have to pay a minimal monthly fee to keep the site operational (usually around $65 each month).

The companies offer a fancy website that is customized for each individual real estate investor. They allow you to choose your own domain name, company name, phone number …the list goes on. The major problem with these websites is their inability to generate web traffic. Web traffic directly relates to the amount of leads you will receive.

There are a couple reasons you never see these websites at the top of the search engines in the organic search results and they are as follows,

There are hundreds of other websites with the same back end programming all competing for the same search terms. When the website is purchased and customized for a particular real estate investor, none of the back end programming or major website content is changed.

You are essentially purchasing a website that has been sold to hundreds of other real estate investors. Search engines like relevant new content, not duplicate old content.

The new domain has no website history or inbound links. There are many different things search engines rank website on, but one of the major things is a websites quantity and quality of inbound links.

In order for your website to show up at the top of the search engines you need a high number of quality links from other websites. It takes months, some times years to create a large quantity of high quality links.

If you purchase one of these websites your only way to generate web traffic, which in turn generates real estate leads, is to pay for it.
That means you have to set up and manage a “pay per click” marketing campaign with Google, Yahoo, etc…
That means you have to pay between $3 to $9 (depending on your target location) every time someone clicks on your website.
Not to mention they may just leave your site without leaving their information.

Minimal Traffic but Pay the Price Lead Broker Websites:
These website charge a modest sign up fee (the average is around $250).

You then have to pay a large monthly fee to keep the site operational. This cost is directly related to the population in your target area and ranges between $200 for a small populated area and $5,000 for a highly populated area.

With subscriptions to these websites you have no control over your marketing budget. You have to keep paying the large monthly fee each and every month or they will cancel your membership.

The large monthly membership can be frustrating to pay if you are waiting for a closing or if you are headed out of town for a month or two.

Many of these large monthly fee websites get you to look past the size of the monthly fee by telling you they spend most of your monthly fee on marketing for you. Many of these companies do nothing but national “pay per click” advertising.

The Best Lead Broker Website
My advice is to find a lead broker company that is already on the 1st page of Google for search terms motivated sellers will search for, sign up with a company that does not have a sign-up fee, sign up with a company that does not charge you a large monthly fee so you can manage your own marketing money, sign up with a compnay that will show you how to generate your own leads.

My network leads come from people that I have met one time or another. If a person that cut my hair at the barber shop they hear from me. My local restaurant manager and favorite waitress hears from me also. The point being is that make a list of everyone that you know or have done business with.

I thought I didn’t know many people…so what I did was get a phone book and went to yellow pages and started with the “A” s and said who works there, what they do and that is when I made a decision to get in contact with them even if it was to swap cards and send a letter.

I am a bird dog and I have had success purchasing leads from a company i found on the web…their website is


Before you start hustling for yourself or someone else there are to many ways to check out websites.

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Since it was created in Feb of this year, has no ranking in alexa either, I bet you are just flooded with leads. All you have accomplished is making this site a place not to do business with.

John $Cash$ Locke

PS: The two posts you made so far are promoting your site.

It would be less obvious if his website and his e-mail were different!!!

I LOVE it whan they say, “…a company I found on the web” - of course you found it, it’s YOURS!.


Turnip truck, John, turnip truck.


I would suggest that you generate your own leads. At lease you know where they came from.