Advice Please (Marketing Question)

If this post is not allowed, please either alert me and I will delete it or you can have a moderator delete it. It is not intended as an ad, but I can see where it would be considered advertising.

I run a company that provides a service that would partially fall under the header of this forum, but I am having trouble marketing the service to investors. I think it is that they are having problems understanding where the service will help them.

Any ideas?

What I am really looking for is a way to allow investors to understand in the easiest terms possible what the service can do for them.

What is this service you are offering?

I’m not sure what you are selling. Are you offering a service like investopedia provides but geared towards the real estate marketer. I would suggest getting a writer trained in web marketing.


I locate the owners of properties that are either abandoned, on the auction list or things like probate.