Advice or how to. Client lease option with 6000$ down

​I have a client looking for lease to own. 3 bedroom, monthly rent 1000-1200. They only have $6000.00 down. Looking for some creative ways to help them and make money. Thanks for any replys!


I don't suppose you know what state, county, town or city your in, do you?


Really?! Is that hard to ask a question nicely? New Mexico.


 Since New Mexico is a rather large state would you pretty please tell me what county or town / city these nice folks would like to lease / option a house in? (With a Cherry on Top!)

I would hate to see you have an 8 hour commute each way to work because we found you a house in Las Cruces and you work in Santa Fe!

You see usually people are smart enough to tell you what state and county / town / city they want to live in!

And if you thought I was being rude, you should read some of my other posts as I pretty much tell it like it is!

So get off your ass and tell me and everyone else on this forum where you want to live, is that asking to much???

We are not a very touchy feely forum where we try to keep from hurting others feelings for fear they might learn something!


Ha~~~~! :beer

I don’t wont you to find me a house. I was asking for creative ideas. No need to respond back, I’ve had some private messages that were very help, unlike your dumba$$ response.

Do yourself a favor and stop trying to “help”.

Evidently not just “any” replies are you thankful for. Just saying.

BTW wmjrigo, if you’re this thin-skinned on an anonymous discussion forum, it’s doubtful you’ll be successful, face to face, dealing with even more offensive people.

Wow. You guys are really full of your selves. Displaying your big egos on forums. If that’s how you like to stroke your ego, than go ahead. I had a couple PM’s about some people who reply on here having big egos so they don’t bother posting anymore. Guess they were right. I’ll leave this forum and go to the other one where the people are actually helpful.

No, I don’t think so.

You just have horrible communication skills. You asked a question that you answered yourself, and then expect us to read something else into it, by reading your mind about what you ‘really’ meant to ask?

And when asked to clarify, you come unglued, and spin like a top?

Nobody reading your posts here still has any idea of what you’re asking for.

I mean you wrote, ​"I have a client looking for lease to own. […] Looking for some creative ways to help them and make money."

Well, you already outlined what your client wants to do, and so what else is there to talk about?

  1. Find them a deal.
  2. Wait.
  3. Get paid when they close.

There’s your answer.


 It's not ego, it's confidence! I have been investing very successfully in real estate since 1979! I have worked hard all of my life, I started with nothing except parents who were on their own successful wealthy investors, but they gave me nothing but there knowledge!

Since I operate a series of private businesses grossing over half a billion dollars a year, I guess you could say “Full of It” but in reality I actually know what I am doing! I give my time to help investors who are learning real estate or business or development or construction or mining!

If you knew what you were doing you would not be asking questions on this Forum and we would not reach out and try to help!

Since you know what your doing “Good Luck to You”!

               Gold River

Lol. This guys funny.

And I thought I was the most ridiculous person on this forum.


Why aren’t you famous?

So are you on Forbes list of billionaires?


Other than trying to influence some guy or gal at the local night club for a night of debauchery, it's probable much better to remain private and try not to advertise your wealth and assets. If you want to meet a nice girl or guy you don't tell them how much money you have or how much you make because you'd like them to fall for you and not your money!

Now when your an individual you refer to your accomplishments as a sum total “Private Businesses” you think $500,000,000 but in reality it is really multiple foreign and domestic corporations and limited liability companies. No one keeps track of a whole bunch of individual business ventures selling a few million dollars of gold or silver every year, nobody knows how much you own or where your assets are and nobody really cares.

It’s hard to keep track of what’s here and what’s there. The truth of the matter is there are wealthy people all around us unknown by public entities like Forbes because they sit anonymously under cover. How do we know whether someone has a dollar or a dime? We could be talking with you and privately you are really a trillionaire from Yugoslavia, how are we to know?

And here in the US we go from state to state, the only common thread is a federal tax return and if you own your assets in corporations; you don’t file a tax return your corporations file a return, even an LLC can elect to file a federal return rather than be a flow through entity to a personal return.

And in the US trusts give anonymity, there are a number of trust options administrated by attorneys on behalf of clients wishing to remain at large. If you want an eternal legacy you can choose a dynasty trust, it can operate for years, decades, centuries or forever depending on state of creation.

If you file a Wyoming corporate entity that entity records remain anonymous as no one has access to those records which expose knowledge of the officers or shareholders of record, you fly completely under the radar. Then add a revocable or irrevocable blind trust, beneficiary trust, credit shelter trust, generation skipping trust, personal residence trust, insurance trust, property trust or charitable trust.

So how do people with tremendous wealth fly under the radar, avoid Forbes great list and remain unknown in a crowded bus? They create a hedge of protection around them so very few people ever know exactly who owns what, and truth be known most people of great wealth have very little to their personal name!


Wow…there are some arrogant assholes on this forum. Cocky ass MFers…man, take a F’n chill pill. The guy just asked a question and you reply like some internet badass, try a little courtesy and professionalism.

I responded to an original post that basically say’s and I quote “​I have a client looking for lease to own. 3 bedroom, monthly rent 1000-1200. They only have $6000.00 down. Looking for some creative ways to help them and make money. Thanks for any reply’s!”

Now I understood by reading this that this poster is looking for an actual property as there is information on size of property, lease budget and amount available for deposit / option consideration? Now since I have really good connections in all 50 states I asked the original poster for the and I quote
“I don’t suppose you know what state, county, town or city your in, do you?”

Now there was nothing disrespectful in this question, nothing that insinuated that I was any better than this person, nothing in this question that implied that I was any smarter than this person and nothing that had any meaning outside of the actual question!

I had done nothing to deserve his or her response to me, I had made no statement that deserved this answer “Really?! Is that hard to ask a question nicely? New Mexico.” But it would be nice to know the city / town and county. It’s kind of hard to help when enough information is not provided.

I had done nothing at this point to deserve the obviously disrespectful response from this poster! I am not going to roll over and play dead when I am attacked for something I did not do, much like you just did in your posting draegarfrog!

I give my time to this forum, I am not paid and I do not receive any compensation for my time, I answer questions as there asked because I have been investing in real estate since 1979, I am educated and have a lot of experience, I am successful and I know what I am doing, no more / no less!

Every single person on this forum could do what I have done, start at age 18 and progress forward for 38 years! In fact everybody on this forum could be just as successful if they apply themselves, and if there willing to prioritize there time and consolidate there effort. The problem is that most people won’t work 100 hour work weeks, they won’t apply themselves in college, they won’t get a proper education in real estate and don’t understand that different methods are used daily to buy and sell real estate!

Your posting statement is disrespectful and unwarranted as we did not start this the original poster did, had the original poster included the city / town and county in the “New Mexico” and not been so curse then we would have never had this problem!

I was not trying to be rude in my original statement, I thought he / she was looking for an actual property where the owner would do a lease option? Nothing more / nothing less!

You are the one out of line draegarfrog, you have no business getting into this, we were not the ones being rude and we did not start this!

We are pretty much always courteous and professional, but when rude disrespectful comments are made about a question that was asked without intention to liable or slander and the original poster attacks expect that I (We) will defend ourselves! My time is of value as is everyone else on this forum.

And Chill Pills are illegal without a prescription! If we are rude or disrespectful to you then feel free to respond, but don’t respond to something where by reading you can clearly see and understand that we did not start anything, the response to my question was unwarranted and uncalled for!

When you work as hard as I do and reach out to help others I admit my writing is not always clear and concise and nobody here uses please, thank you, pardon me, excuse me, let me interrupt your forum to ask a question, is this a stupid question, can I ask a stupid question? We just simple post what we want and someone with some experience answers the question?

Now there are a lot of people on this forum but if you want to answer the post you have to watch the forum other wise you end up making the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th response, it does not make us any better than you, any smarter than you or arrogant. It just makes us quicker than you, no more / no less!

                Gold River