Advice on Which Course To Buy

Hello, on this website, there are a ton of GURU programs advertised. Can anyone recommend a few? I’m interested in rehab flipping and/or wholesaling, and want to learn all the mechanics behind deals like subject to’s, lease options, straight options, etc. My plan is to flip a few properties to build up some cash now and gain experience in rehabbing, then move on to apartments to build cash flow/wealth. I’ve bought new pre-construction houses before and have rented them out, but have never bought an old property or ‘flipped’ a rehabbed property. I also don’t have any experience in construction.

Thank you for your responces.

For sub2, get John Cash Locke’s course. It is the best course on sub2. Here are some reviews of him.

I must agree with the above. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Locke’s course.
For lease options, I cast a vote for Carbonare’s, The Naked Investor. It, too, has high ratings over at Real Estate Course Reviews:

Michael just mailed me mine this morning, should have it in my hands Mon/Tues. Looking forward to reading it. I’ve asked him a ton of questions over the past few months and he’s been very helpful, all around nice guy.

There are a lot of free articles on this site and other sites as well that offer a ton of info on all the different types of real estate investing strategies. My advice would be to read as many of them as you can and get a feel for which ones you want to implement in your market. You can also get a feel for the author of the articles since they all have courses for sale too. I would try and get all the free information you can first, then buy a course for the specifics that interest you.


For lease options:
Michael Carbonare’s Naked Investor Manual

For sub2s:
William Tingle’s Ulitmate Sub2 Guidebook
and/or John Locke’s Subto manual

Can’t go wrong with either of these choices.
Good luck.

Thanks folks!