Advice on the use of credit partner

I have a credit partner in mind. He’s actually my brother. My credit is pretty good for my age like 730’s but i don’t have the income. (in college). My brother has the income and credit score. I;m looking to put together a proposal to have him take a look at.

I know I need to explain to him how I would use his credit. But my question is what kind of return should i offer him for using his credit?

What is the down side and good side of having multipule mortgages under one or two names?

Him and I are going to be on the title and possibley mortgage?? I just need him to show income to get approve for financing.


If you put these mortgages in your personal names, they will show up as tradelines on your credit reports. The debt will count against you when you try to get additional credit. Others can speak to the current rules about how much of the rental income you can count toward your total income when figuring your Debt To Income ratio.
Before you go into this, you should have everything drawn up regarding each person’s expectations, contributions, shares of profits, and how you will handle things if either of you wants out of it.

What about placing them In an LLC. How would that go??? I always here to never put the house in your own name but and entity or LLC. My brother would be used JUST for credit no money out his pocket. However upon closing on the house where I would get a few dollars back in order to fix it up for a rental he would get a percentage. when the market regain I would like to sell. He would then get a percentage from that as well. I’m considering 20%. What percentage will you consider? if he wants out can’t he jsut deed me the property???