Advice on Tenant Screening

Hi Everyone,

I am searching for the best tenant screening service out there. In the past I have used e renter but have not been fully satisfied since the reporting I got seemed to be just statewide and the tenant I ended up renting to had judgments out of state that did not show up on the report and I ended up having to evict them.

Has anyone here used this service ? I have been looking at sample reports and it appears that their data comes from the entire USA. Any comments or suggested would be greatly appreciated.



If you screen your tenants yourself, you will know it was done correctly.

just do a credit check if they pay theyre bills theyll most likely pay you

You really should do a credit AND background check. I’ve always been satisfied with Never had any issues. They definitely use nationwide sources for the background check as I’ve had applicants flagged for multiple issues in multiple states. And if you’re a small landlord, you can use their credit check option that does not require an on-site inspection.

Customer service is important as well. Call around to various companies and see who’s most helpful.


If you want it done right do it yourself! Run a credit report, as for last year taxes , paystub YTD. On the internet you can you a background check also

I would really recommend just doing it yourself if you have the time. I find that it’s good to look at credit history and call the applicant’s employer to see if the tenant will be a good fit for me. I recently bought a 2 unit rental property in Oregon and I live in California. I was also thinking of purchasing a home warranty because my property is in Oregon. Does anyone have any experience with purchasing a home warranty or personal experiences with home warranties. Thanks.