Advice on Letter to Homeowner Please

I’m wondering what tact to take on sending out two letters to homeowners about buying their houses. I’m a newbie and am looking for my first rehab and these two houses stand out as needing it bad.

I live in a semi-rural area on a 4 mile road. All the lots on the road are about 2 acres or a little more and there’s somewhat of a community feel. The two house are at mile .5 and mile 1, while I live at mile 3.5, so we don’t know each other at all.

My question is should I take the angle of the neighbor down the road that wants to buy their house, or should I try to come across more as Joe Professional Investor and not even mention where I live. I’m leaning towards the neighbor angle. I don’t have an LLC or anything and dont plan on one right away so trying to represent as a business will require no return address, just my cel #, and other creativity. I don’t want to misrepresent though, just market.

What do you folks think?

Thanks, Mike

What is the siruation of the homes. I suppose more info would be needed to formulate a solid plan…


One I believe is owner occupied. The other may be rented…not sure but the county lists a PO box for the owner. Both need work.


I always find that a more personal touch works best. When you use professional language and put up the barrier of being a big company, I think it can backfire. That is my opinion.

Your letter should read as one person to another in the first person. Say “you” a lot in your letter. Make sure you talk about them and what is in it for them a lot more than yourself and who you are.

You can try something like this letter that I have used in the past and give to my students and consulting clients:

Example Motivated Seller Letter (for junkers)

Hope that helps,


Thanks Jason, that’s good advice.

Try the friendly nieghbor card! Make a friend!

Try this line after you have beed chating a few " Ya know if you ever want to sell this place I sure would like to buy it!!" see where it goes! Why send a letter when they live so close? Shake hands you are in a great position they are your Neighbors!


And like everyone is telling you if you get a 3% responce on mailers you are doing great now on two houses thats not great odds!!!

Yeah, good point about the response rate.
While its a community, I’m actually 3 miles away so its not like I would see them outside and walk over. My dog would never put up with that long a stroll!