Advice on Finding Private Money Investors

I am an experienced investor with a proven track record. I have done really high end rehabs, new construction, out of state rehabs, rentals, commercial, you name it. I am finding more deals then I can fund right now but do not know many private investors. Everyone seems to be sitting on the sidelines. I am finding deals 50 cents on the dollar with tremendous cashflow. That type of equity and cashflow result in multiple exit strategies, very low risk and ability to make it well worth an investors time. I am seeking 1-3mil to do cashflow REOs and commercial deals. How would you find these investors? By educating investors on what I do, the deals I have done and what I am offering, I know I can build the trust necessary for investors to step to the plate. I basically want to provide them the information they need to make the best informed business decision. I just need to find investors and give them info on my business plan and what I do. How do you recommend finding private investors? Do I mail to my target? Find Self Directed IRA groups? Are their websites that work? I know I can find, do and exit deals. My only challenge right now and with most investors is funding deals. I greatly appreciate any help.


Start with the people you know: doctors, lawyers, retirees and others with excess cash that want more than what a bank offers. You are offering them a safer investment than the stock market with a higher return than CDs and money market accounts. If you want to get sophisticated, you can advertise and hold luncheons to pitch your idea. Some people use local papers. Others use medical and legal periodicals. Just be very careful when advertising to the general public. Securities laws are very strict in this area.