Advice on best way to sell waterfront property in Fl.

:help I am in dire need to sell a few water front lots on the suwanee river in Florida. I want to advertise as cheap as possible and I’m wondering if there are any really good free or cheap sites out there besides craigslist to use. I am also wondering who I should advertise to… local floridians, or perhaps northeners… Thank you for your help.

D. Streetman

If you are willing to leave a little money on the table, perhaps an investor or builder would be interested. You can often find them at a local real estate club. They might also provide some leads. Alternately, if your property has any commercial uses, you could list it on Loopnet or Costar for a very nominal fee. I would not limit the number of people I advertised to.

Have any lots sold in the area? I’d contact the previous owner to find out how they did it.

I know it’s stretch for Florida these days, but how about contacting some local builders. Perhaps partnering on some spec homes. That is, you provide the land, they build the house, and you split the profit. This will save them the cost of financing the land.

Lastly, are you so desperate that you can’t give up 3 or 4 percent of the deal? If so, a realtor experienced in selling land might really be your best bet.

What are the lots zoned for…residential or commercial?