Advice on Becoming a Property Locator

I recently responded to an ad posted in the classified section of this website. They ultimately referred me to a website titled They they will provide online training to locate properties which could net you $2500-$25,000. They close the deals and you locate them. The caveat is you have to join their network for something like $19/month and a $1 start-up fee. This gives you access to their network and allows you to have your own webpage… I have seen so many of these that I am not sure what is real and what is not. ??? Has anyone heard of this before?

I have heard of this, I am wondering if it’s a scam or not as well. Hopefully someone will answer and shed some light on :-\

I went through this what you are going now. Most of this info like book, seminars, web sites have one in common. They want you to buy. It’s hard to find good informations. I can write about this all night. You need something what is working, what you can see, you can have a questions and somebody responds to them.
Do not waste your time to look for properties.

I am a member of and some of the info was helpful such as finding ARV and making sure that with 25% equity (which is what most investors require for a decent return) minus rehab cost one would be able to have an investor take a look at your located property. It also gives a list of some of the useful comp. sites and and where to go to find comparables. I have spent a whole lot more for info that was not well designed THIS monthly membership can be cancelled at any time. My personal thoughts on this are to not go at it as a property locator but learn how to be more successful as an investor. It does have two weekly courses (free) taht you can listen in on, OR you can take a look at past seminars these allow you to ask questions.