Advice on a Deal

I am looking at investing in a property and here are details:

Six unit apartment building
Rent: $500/mo per unit
One vacancy

List Price: 329,900

Assumptions: Rent Year 1: 30,000 (I just figure one month of rent for expenses), Rent increases of 3 percent per year and holding period of 10 years.

With a 12 percent expected return, I am getting a NPV of $315,127. I figure I could get them down to $300k-310k. I think a return of over 12 percent is pretty acceptable. I understand the assumption for expenses and will be working on getting a pro forma but I just wanted to make sure I was on the right path with such a property.

I plan on putting a 100k down, so thats a 30 percent cash on cash return on my equity. Am I overlooking anything here?

I would figure in a vacancy rate (a percentage of vacancy’s per year)
Also i would try to purchase the property for as little of a down payment as possable, let the property pay for itself …
If the property can cash flow with a 15-20 % down payment, you could use the rest of your funds for other investments …

well right now I am working on selling a condo I have that will free up the 100k in equity. I just don’t want to get so overleveraged and get in trouble if for some reason half my renters leave and I can’t replace them. I think leverage is a great tool for investment but can get you in trouble very fast if you don’t know how to manage it.

So true!

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I’d leverage it as much as you are comfortable with. If it was me I would leverage it at exactly the amount where it would cash flow zero if two apartments are vacant. That’s a 66% occupancy which is a pretty safe cushion. I am fairly conservative though and you may do more or less depending on historical occupancy.