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I’m living in Estonia. Estonia is European Union new member state. Estonian real-estate market has growing very fast in last years and I have made great career in one real-estate company as real estate broker. But now I’d like to start with my own business, because I have here very good objects where to invest, but I have no money and that’s the question from where I must start?


Howdy Dexter:

It does take some money to buy real estate. You need a seed to plant a tree. The amount of money could be small and it can be other peoples money. Since you are already a Broker you have a good knowledge of investing I assume. It is easier to buy property will the seller needs to sell and especially when the whole area is depressed or a bad market. I have bought houses for as little as a few hundred including an FDIC auction where I bid $300 total price plus the back taxes. With a little fix up I refinanced at a profit.

By using creative methods of finance you can even buy great property in great markets. Some of the creative methods of days gone by will not work today as lenders have become tighter and some will not allow seller financing or not as much and it has gotten harder to put these deals together. Some deals in the past were down right bank fraud and should be avoided. Even with bad credit and in BK I have been able to do three deals lately using almost all hard money funds. I had to put out some money but even borrowed that from my dad and another investor. It can be done.

OK! Yesterday I seeded a plant tree :slight_smile:

Objects what I sell are hotels, business buildings and land developments projects, it means that I must know is my offer good or bad object for investor.

Example one offer with what I`m dealing now:

For sell very good two or free years land development project in Estonia, year ago I was consulting neighbour land project owner about his land development project, they sold 75 properties during one year, but it was planned to be free years project. I’m, 98 % sure, that this project is the best opportunity for investor to make a good deal in Estonia. I can be that confident about this project because I have seen all the papers and projects what makes this offer very attractive. All the papers are ready for verifying.

Property for sell

Property cost 4,7 million euros, total area 250 000 m2
Property district is fast growing and location is from center of Tallinn 5 kilometres, it means that driving from home to center takes only seven minutes.

Project calculation


Property cost: 4,7 million euros
Communications construction: 900 000 euros
Total: 5,6 million euros

Income from selling lands:

Apartment houses land 57338m2 1500.eek-/m2 5,75 million euros
Terraced house land 33373m2 500. eek -/m2 1,1 million euros
Housing land 52620m2 400. eek -/m2 1,4 million euros
Business land 28010m2 800.- eek /m2 1,5 million euros
*Land selling prices are calculated conservatively
Total: 9,75 million euros

Profit: 4.15 million euros,
it makes 68,9 % profit for free years.

۰ Profit calculation does not include real estate value accretion, what was in Estonia last year 17- 24 % per year.


2004-autumn /2005-spring communications construction (all projects are already made)
2005-spring-2006-spring lands selling

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