Advice needed please!

I live in Texas now but own a property in Kansas. We did a contract for deed on it with a so called friend and got burned. Plus was not educated enough to protect ourselves. I now have the property listed but have been unable to sell it. It is currently listed for 67,500 and I owe two mortgages totaling about 51,000. It does need a new roof and some ceiling repair from a recent leak in the roof. Also the flooring in the bathroom needs replaced and the new carpet I put in before we moved has a hole melted in it where they spilled something. Has fairly new furnice/central air, new windows, new deck. The Real estate agent said it is worth 79,900, good market not much for sale under 100,000. Had lots of lookers, one verbal offer but she had trouble with financing. I cannot afford to keep up those two mortgages and my existing one much longer and do not want to do a foreclosure if it can be avoided. I am willing to sell for amount owed. Really cannot afford to put anymore money into it. I am kinda gun shy about owner financing but was wondering what options I might have as other than a contract for deed or what would be my best route at this point. Is there a site like this for Kansas? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any info is appreciated.



A company I just left to branch out on my own is now buying heavily in Kansas, they might be interested in making you a cash offer is you’re so inclined.
email me @ and we’ll discuss that further.