Advice needed on this deal

I found a deal with a not so motivated-motivated seller. The thing is he is un-professional and does not understand how these things work.
I went and looked at the house. It was empty, full of trash and needed alot of work. Seller wanted 40k and would clean it out,
I hooked him up with a buyer who offered 27k who would handle the cleaning and closing costs.

The seller said “o.k that sounds good let me talk it over with my brother”
Then never called back, My buyer called and left a message a few days later.
The seller called back saying he got a better offer and “gave the guy his word”.(in other words no contract)
The seller had no intention of calling my buyer back after he got another offer.

I was thinking of calling the seller and asking what exactly the deal was he had with this other buyer.
I don’t think the new buyer got it under contract. What kind of investor does not get a deal under contract as soon as a price is agreed on?
I don’t want to be pushy but I want to convey that my buyer wants to get it under contract ASAP and has cash.
Any ideas on what to say when I call?

I don’t want to let it go. I am not wasting time because I have no other lead to call today.
Please advise

Call the seller back and tell him your still interested and that you want to see the property again. If he accepts your offer to come over, he must be willing to hear what you have to say…

Tell the seller you will (again) buy his property, this time w/ a cash offer and a quick closing in 7 days, then pull out a contract, write down the offer amount, sign it and turn it over to the seller. If he was bluffing b/f, he now knows your serious. It’s take it or leave it time. Call his bluff. Let him know you’re serious and that you’ll buy the house immediately, relieving him of (most) of his problems.

If he doesn’t sign, call him back every week until he signs or sells to someone else.

And then of course assign it to your end buyer for all your hard work!