Advice Needed for Beginner

Hello All -

I am looking to start a real estate investing career. I have no prior experience or knowledge, and all that I do know comes from my reading I have been doing on the Internet.

I want to start off with having a mentor on my side.

I have looked into Peter Conti’s mentorship program. It is a year long program with about $6K of investment. On top of that, you have to split your profits for the first 2 deals with him. It sounds like an awful lot of money, but again, I am willing to spend it provided I know it would turn out to be right investment in the long run.

I would really like someone to respond who has gone through this program.

I am also looking at Nouve Riche. It is another training company that teaches people how to invest in real estate. But I do not really have much information about them.

Any advice you guys can offer would be helpful.


Since no one else has replied I will :slight_smile:

I haven’t done either of those programs but I think you can learn what you need for free.

Use this site along with the others available and ask question about anything you have, everyone is really helpful and “usually” patient towards newbies.

I haven’t purchased any programs or mentorships and granted I don’t know everything I need to yet, but I’m getting there.

As far as finding a mentor, just go to your local REI club as a newbie and there will be investors willing to teach you and give advice, you can bird dog or wholesale and they will help because it’s beneficial to them also. (They help you learn how to find deals and what to do-you bring them deals - builds your buyers list) plus it won’t cost you $6k and spilttting your first 2 deals.

Good Luck!

If you are currently un-employed or looking to switch jobs look for a job in property management.

'Nothing like getting paid to learn :wink:

I also read Peter Contie’s books and they have a lot of information you have to decide what road you are going to take in real estate investing and give it 100% foreclosures, wholesaling, flipping etc. I was also looking for a mentor, but if you start to network with others in the same field you will start to learn as you go. Start to build a contact list of people who are doing what you want to do. Good Luck…