Advice for Real Estate Career?

Hi All-

I’m looking for some career advice. I’m currently unhappy with my job in advertising sales and want to pursue a career in the Real Estate industry. I find all my free time goes into reading Real Estate books and seems like a logical place to begin a long term career. I eventually see myself as an investor, but would like to job in Real Estate that:

  1. Pays the bills in the meantime
  2. Provides great resources and knowledge about the the industry.

Does anyone have any suggesstions about some real estate day jobs that would be valuable to a young soon to be investor? Any thoughts would be grealty appreciated!


Paul - Chicago

Become a real estate agent. ;D

Yep, being a new RE agent will definitely pay the bills ::slight_smile:

The average RE agent makes about $12K a year. The new agent would be lucky to make that much (in most cases). Will that pay your bills?

Keep your job and invest on the side. If you get to a point where your RE investing is making same/more than your day job, then quit if you want. I think that you’ll find that if you’re making a good income off of your part-time career, then you probably won’t hate your day job as much. Added bonus, the stable income from your day job will grant you the $$$ to invest as lenders just looovvvveee a stable job and will loan you money out the wahzoo because you have it. The minute that you don’t, you become a much higher risk for a lender, making it harder to get RE loans.


Thank you both for your response.

I have no interst in becoming an agent. It’s not something I would do long term and don’t have an intrest in building a client base for a short term gig. I’m am basically looking for a day job that will help me understand and pursue a full time RE investment career in the future.

Thanks again!


From what I hear birddogging is a good way to get experience on a lot of different fronts. There are some good articles to the left of the forums section to give you a general idea of what’s involved.

I too am looking to get involved in RE, but don’t think becoming an agent is the way I would prefer to do it. Just to get some additional knowledge I decided to get my license here in Illinois. It’s helped me gain some insights into different financing types, ownership types and a lot of the legal aspects I may not have been aware of. It really helped “juice” my interest in REI. Maybe a class of some sort can get you that same feeling I got and give you a push in the direction you’re looking for.

Where are you at in Chicago?


Hey Naperbill-

Thanks for your suggestions. I will check out the articles on bird dogs. I have considered getting my RE license at the Chicago Real Estate Institute, but I’m not 100% convinced yet.

I live downtown in Chicago. I’m assuming your from Naperville from your name. I’m from St. Charles originally.

Please do not become an agent without a plan or money. The reason the “average agent” makes 21k or less per year is because we have too many people who “give it a try” without understanding that it’s a real job that has liabilities and costs. The training is minimal so you have to pay for your own. You also have to be good at lead generation, marketing, systems, client service, etc.

Keep reading and learning.