Advice for a newbie


I am brand new to the world of “wholesaling” RE. I have read numerous books and articles on rehabbing houses, but I’d like to get my feet wet with some wholesale deals first. Is there an experienced wholesaler out there that can walk me through step-by-step what is involved in this type of deal? Where to find the deals? Do you use a real estate agent? What kind of contract needs to be signed? (a standard purchase agreement?) Also, are there any so-called “gurus” out there with products worth purchasing on the subject of wholesaling? Some say that Steve Cook is pretty good. Your input will be greatly appreciated!

Hey Swirlaze,

I don’t need advice from someone like you, so don’t bother responding to me ever again! There are plenty of successful RE investors (which I doubt you are) that are willing to help out a new guy. I’m not some helpless moron that needs someone to show me all his secrets - I happen to be a successful financial advisor. All I’m asking for are the general steps. Those that want to be a smart a#$ like Swirlaze please don’t reply.

The best thing to do is on the main page, first link, Real Estate Articles. It’s laid out very well for whatever you need. Im fairly certain anything you are looking for is there.

Good luck man.

Thanks Verb. I’ll check it out…



I’m a financial advisor (stocks, bonds, mutual funds). I’m not a real estate advisor. Two completely different subjects. Anyway, thanks for the steps.


Great place to start are real estate clubs.
Find some local ones, go to the meetings
and get to know everyone. You should find a great mix of rei pros (HMLs, scouts, rehabbers, etc.) and most I am sure would be willing to share tips, tricks, leads and even partner.
Best of luck.