Advice contacting owner of vacant fixer

I have been looking at a fixer upper down the road. I have been wanting to contact the owner to see if he wants to sell.

I went to th recorders office and found out who the owner is and got his mailing address.

The problem for me is that I did a ggogle on his name and it turns out he is a wealthy business man that purchases alot of foreclosed homes in northern CA and Nevada.

Would you guys approach this type of owner.

What would you guys suggest?

It can’t hurt to try and purchase the property. Sometimes people are too big for their own good and maybe he doesn’t even know he owns the property.

Don’t be afraid of someone because what you read. The best thing you can do is to meet with him tell him what your about and what your looking to do. Who knows you could wholesale a few properties to him in the future.

If you look at it in that aspect I think he could be more useful to you than the property.

Thanks I think I’ll send him a letter since he lives out of town.