Advice about Investing Mobile Home Park

Dear All Experience Investors!

We are currently looking into Mobile Home Park investing. Any advice on this subject, such as where and what to look for, how to analyze, any good books or materials about this topic.

Looking forward to hear from any one soon.


Lonnie Scruggs has a couple of good books out, DEALS ON WHEELS and MAKING MONEY WITH MOBLIE HOMES. He mainly talks about flipping mobile homes and carrying the note. I don’t know if he actually owns any parks or not but he does talk about owning several lots. In the back of each book he has a lot rental agreement that you can use.

I trust his guy with anything he says or writes.

He has alot of free information you can find on the internet but also has the following that applies to your MHP question.

Lonnie’s books are good for buying mobile homes (I used his material to buy my mobile homes) but if what you’re really looking for is mobile home park info…then I would recommend Ray Alcorn.

His knowledge about MH parks is tremendous (his family has owned several parks) and I’ve met him a few times and just the gems he passes on is great.

They sell his course on this website under Real Estate Courses.

Patti Porter