Advetorial on oversized postcard

Following the recommendations of some of the famous marketing “gurus” I decided to design a 6x11 postcard containing my sales letter and testimonials. I think the letter is well written, and running it by few people who are making some suggestions, mostly on aligning the testimonials under the right sections to re enforce my message.

I am thinking of testing it on a 2500 houses, 2-5 year olds in neighborhoods I get the most calls from and hit each house 4 times with the same post card.

The total cost of 4 mailouts, including printing and postage will be around $0.33/postcard. I would have loved to get it lower, but oversized post cards are running me $0.11 each so far but still shopping around.

Anyone noticed a difference with mailing on yellow stock vs white stock paper? and aside from the letter content, anyone actually use advetorials on their postcards?

i don’t understand how you say you can mail an oversized postcard 6x11 for .33 cents when the postage for the postcard is .41 cents.

Any postcard large than 6x4 will cost you .41 cents. 6x6 .41 cents. 5x6 .41 cents. So i would suggest going to and look at the rates for different postcards. You need to verify the costs before you send them out and waste your money because they won’t be delivered. :shocked

Standard postage sending bulk mail. It is verified. The postage for 6x11 would be between $0.18 and $0.21, I am adding $0.10 for the printing.

oic youre using standard postage. gotcha. :beer

Hey Fadi,

What were your results from this mailing? Did you find out cheaper ways to do a bulk rate mailing? I would stick to yellow card stock instead of white.

That was back in 2007 :slight_smile:

Yes I have a 2 page sales letter printed on a 6x11 post card with 3 testimonials done in advetorial style. The cost is very appealing, haven’t ordered new ones in a while but I believe the cost of printing the post cards and postage is around the same cost of first class stamp.

I do use yellow stock paper, large headline, subheadline, 3 column content, 3 testimonials in handwritten font, and multiple call to actions and benefits.