i have ads in my large city paper and the 3 free papers, 40 bandit signs out and flyers put up at all the laundry mats and stores.

i attend the rei meetings and have visited with many people and have found no one to mentor with.

can someone please share with me what i am doing wrong.

according to the programs i have purchased and all things i have read. there should be calls should be just rolling in doing these things.

the few calls i do get (the most were 3 calls in a week) are for properties that either so delapidated they are used by vagrants or are going to the foreclosure auction the same day.

i have been doing these things 4 months and i am about ready to throw in the towel.

i must be doing something incorrect. thanks for all your advice.

What are you advertizing for?

I own a little restaurant in the college area of San Diego. I’m wondering if you can give me any tips for advertising my sandwich shop to the college students…
Print advertising? Online Advertising? How much does it cost…?Can you also give any ideas on special events or promotions to get customers in…?Thanks!


I have one word for you “Google.” Yes, Google has the local business center it is free gives the customer a map and directions to your business plus you can create a coupon online for 1/2 price sandwichs or whatever . Ok, now for print advertising try some door hangers, value-pak, flyers or bulk postcards. I hope the info was useful and good luck.

Remember, this was the person that started the discussion.

What does your marketing say?
Does it drive sellers to a website or voicemail system?
Where do you put the signs and where? (intersections, off ramps, parking lots, etc)

What town are you in? If its not a large one whats the estimated population?

Have you ever tried put eye catching car magnets AD or a rear window graphic sign in your deliver car and park it in front of you restaurant or drive them very often in the neighborhood. it will helps.

go to they have planty of template for you to choose and they has has free designer. give them a call.

this is the car magnets

this is the rear window graphic