Advertising your wholesale deal

Hey guys I’m very new to this concept and one issue confused me. I bought a REI book, and the author was saying on his first deal, after he had the contract for the house, he put an ad up saying “110K as-is” immediately followed by a disclaimer, saying not to do this since you don’t legally own the house, you can’t legally sell it. That makes since but how do you advertise your “interest” in this property legally?

The contract that you sign with the seller gives you equal interest. Sounds like you are looking into it to hard. Get it under contract, market it to your buyers list if you already have one. Since you are thinking about this field you should be building it right this moment.

Yea, once you have a property under contract that’s all you need. You don’t have to disclose what type of interest you have in a property when doing simple advertising. Once you find a buyer, asign the deal and move on. When a buyer wants to buy, they rarely care how you got the deal, they just want the deal.

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When I wholesale a deal I actually say contract for sale not house for sale.

Contract for sale, never seen ads that say contract for sale, maybe an ad like that would probably attract investors

Actually when doing a wholesale it is a contract you are selling,but only an investor or someone in the business of wholesaling will understand when you say contract for sale and not home for sale.It is better to use simple language to reach a wider market.

Once you have the property under contract with the seller, you can market this property to your buyers. In advertising you don’t have to give a breakdown of what your interest is in the deal. Once you find your end buyer either assign it to him, or double close if you don’t want him to know how much you are making. If you assign the deal all parties will know what your profit will be. Its usually posted on the HUD settlement statement as an a assignment fee. Hope this helps! To your success!

I agree with what most of them are saying here. If you have a signed contract which in itself is already binding, I don’t see why you can’t market it as yours. They don’t have to know everything. The fact that you are able to have the seller agree to sell it at a much lower price than retail, buyers should already be happy enough to be able to buy it at such a deal. I don’t think anybody who is not a wholesaler would be able to get the property at such low price. Buyers don’t specialize on the same thing Wholesalers do. So when they check out the property you have under contract, they’ll know if they have a good deal or not, with the criteria and priorities of a Rehabber in mind. They key is still good, well-thought-of contracts with both seller and buyer.

Just start marketing it … flip your contract and do another one.
You are over thinking this …


I like the fact you questioned this, ethical people do well in this business and live longer.

Wholesaling was a very new concept when I started and I could count the number of wholesalers I met over the next 7 years on one finger. My buyers were generally contractors that wanted a project to keep them and their crews busy in a slow period and landlords wanting to add a property to their holdings.

It was 1955 and I was 16 doing deals with my married 19 year old brother who was married an thus eligible to contract. Back then a single person had to be 21 to contract. We were buying flats in Oakland California and fixing them up and selling them. We had bit off more then we could chew and I was sitting at a counter at a coffee shop with my dad one day and he said how are things going with the real estate barons.

I told him we had bought to many properties, with going to school, working a 23 hour part time job after school and Saturdays, plus trying to keep a steady girlfriend happy, time was a big factor and I couldn’t fine anymore. Any way a guy on the next stool said he was a contractor and needed a project to keep his crew busy, what do you have. He liked two of them and said how about selling your contracts to me, Even though it didn’t have the official name yet, I discovered wholesaling of property.

At least in PA it is true that you can’t sell a house, if you are not the owner, or if you don’t hold a RE license. You can however, assign your interest in the deal.

Different states have different laws, so don’t treat every information as the law of the land.

You have a vested interest in the property when you sign the memorandum of agreement or assignment contract and you can get signatures with the rights to sell the property and market it. I like to do the marketing to other investor buyers at the local meet up groups, and real estate clubs.