Advertising on your vehicle - results?

For several hundred bucks you can put lettering on your windows, doors, or tailgate. Definitely to be seen quite a bit and get alot of views…

But what results do you that advertise on your vehicle(s) see?

Calls per day? week? month?

Actual deals?

that depends, how many miles do you drive a day? what times? how many cars see you driving? do you drive in areas most likely to have motivation?

Magnets on a car are a one time investment, it is not intended and doubt you will see consistent stream of calls but if it generates a single deal a year, then why not.

not sure about the response percentage… But I just recently did it to my truck… its only been a week, no call yet, but again its only been a week. what i does do for you is let your acquaintances know what you do, infact, the first day I came home, my neighbor said, oh , you buy homes., and he told me his mom in going into f/c, so there…

I have never tried ads on my vehicle but I bet it works. I have been doing this for going on 20 years, and the whole trick is to look professional. The yellow signs, the beat-up pickup with lettering on the back window from the auto parts store; these all look like you know what. Sellers see that and think " yeah I’ll sell my house on a note to that dumb@#$. Right.
Real estate is a suit and tie world. Look and be a pro, not a hillbilly- no offense to my family.
Do not do lettering. Take your hopefully newer model vehicle to the sign shop and have them wrap it. It will cost bucks, but are you serious or are you just trying this out? A serious investor will win every time against the sort of investor.

See my posting ideas under yellow signs. I have seen all of these for years and they must work.
I myself spend about $500 a month on advertising. I did not start out doing that, but I worked up as fast as I could. Why? Because it is all in the look. Be a professional. Look like someone with money. Look like a business person. Look like you are in this to stay.

Another thing that I have learned the hard way. Talk like a business person. " Dude man, like @#$% that is one @#$%^&* cool ride" does not work in real estate. No matter how the other person talks and acts, you are an executive level investor. Remember that.

I am not an expert, but I help newbies in my state get started everday. The pro always wins over the amatuer.

I wouldn’t do that unless you have another car to drive to appointments with sellers. Many sellers will not appreciate someone driving up to their doorstep with “we buy houses! stop foreclosure!” blasted all over their car. We live in a privacy infested state of mind sociaty.

I have magnets that I stick on my car from time to time. I take them out before I go on an appointment, or when I go visit friends and family. I actually haven’t had them on for a while now because I am too lazy to wash my car.

Nobody can say you’re not honest. :biglaugh