Advertising for a birddogger on craigslist

Has anyone advertised on craigslist for a bird dogger? were you successful? what category did you put the ad under?

its free, put it in all sections and find out which works best for you

not trying to sound dumb but what would you call the job position?

You need to play around with the titles and see which works best for you… If you are looking for those who know what bird dogging is then: Established Investor Looking for Bird Dogs

If you are looking for the general public, then i would run something like:

House Hunters Wanted! $500 for each house found!


Property Locators Wanted!

You need to play around with the wording and see which pulls more for you or run all kinds of combinations.

I agree with fadi, gotta mix up the headings, working on craigslist you have to learn how to be creative. I use “real estate service” when looking for help. I have advertise for apprentices to help birddog, place ads for buyers and sellers. You may have to go through a few before you get one. You can also try

Has it worked?


Do you get any responses back?

I’ve been putting up ads on craigslist to locate sellers for my birddogging efforts. I’ve received a few phone calls and emails, and it’s free… not too shabby…

Thanks for the heads up.