Advertising choices advise needed

I have a few questions I would like clarification and feedback about before dropping cash on advertising.

  • I found a local 1 page newsletter that goes out to restaurants/businesses and can advertise in about 100 different places in targeted areas for $134/month. Also, they guarantee that I will be the only business in my ad category while I’m int he ad. Has anyone tried one of these and what was the success? The placement seems pretty good. They basically have all business advertising (in an equal size 3inch x 4inch) all along the border of the front/back and then their content int he middle.

  • Newspaper. I want to run an ad however when looking through the home classifieds (particularly in the “Want ads”), I already see about 30 “I buy houses” ads. This doesn’t quite seem effective with all the competition. I could also advertise in the same paper ONLINE. Are you guys finding more success rate through PAPER newspaper advertising or ONLINE advertising? Where are you getting more views/leads? Also, like I said there is alot of competition in the Want real estate section. Are you still getting calls even if you have alot of competition in your local market?? Or would you advertise perhaps in some of the for sale sections?

  • ONLINE vs. PAPER classifieds. With the internet, are you noticing more leads generated through website/online leads (such as classifieds) or paid advertising OR through good ole fashioned paper advertising (like newspaper) or some other classifieds that hit many places?

Please any thoughts / advice is much appreciated!

depending on what the purpose or goal of your advertising is - i like to use ads with images - NOT in the line section -

i do ads as a jpeg - where it’s designed like a flyer in the paper - local papers too.

online advertising - i use adwords - google and i do not rely much on online website specific ads - that no one sees.

Are you talking about the newspaper? Where do you place your ads? In the real estate want section or a different section?

ballgum - one thought that you might find useful… contact some of the other businesses advertising in the local 1 page newsletter and ask for the response they are getting. This may be an indication of how effective they are.

I like to read the 1-page newsletter/papers in local restaurants. I find them entertaining. But I don’t think I ever bought anything from the ads there. Not sure about other customers…

Good luck!

I think a great starting point would be to work with online classified services such as Craigslist and Kijiji. I have heard about quite a few people having success with online classifieds and best of all, they’re free.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your other options, I think the best way would be to test and track your results with each advertising medium. Whatever you plan on advertising in, make sure to add some sort of code or unique identifier so if you do generate leads, you can know where they came from.

Craigslist works very well - high traffic and decent response. Kijiji I have used but not with much success…