Advertising: best bang for buck

I’m a recent college graduate looking to do real estate investing full time. I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on for 6 months now, and I’m looking to make my first move. What does everybody think about the advertising mediums in terms of producing leads cheaply? I probably only have the funds for one advertising campaign until I pull a few deals. What would everyone recommend as the best first step?

The best bang I have found for my buck in ads, came from the local thrift papers. They are cheap and my thinking is that the people that need to sale is looking in that paper most…

Thift papers are great for paper ads.

What is the message you are trying to convey?

I buy houses?

Besides the thrift papers you can cruise for FSBO’s, hand out flyers, cold call and send direct mail to suit your budget. When you don’t have money you have to utilize your time.

The only thing I cruise for in the papers is L/O with rights to sublease…

And I dont do that often. I just got burned out by talking to non motivated people.

IF you are looking for l/o with sublease rights, to get those I cruise the for rent sectionl;

I call people at least 2 months behind on their mortgage payment.

How do you find that information?

I’m a member of the Homeowner Assistance Association, a course that I bought. I have access to names and addresses of new filings of lis pendens in Florida. I submit the names and get the phone numbers back on about 40% of them and I call them.

McClure - just curious what state are you in?


You can also get the list from credit reporting agentcies for people that have 60 day lates on their report for the last time period. Not cheap


I’m also in Austin, and the best cost and response I’ve found is the Thrifty Nickel.

I used it for taking over payments, and doing contract for deeds, which worked out to “no money down purchases” on rental properties. I don’t know who you’re targeting, but I can possible help point you in the right direction.

Small Rag or neigborhood paper is probably the best bang for your buck! ;D


What credit reporting agencies do you use and how do you get that information about people being 60 days late?

how would being member of the Homeowner Assistance Association give you the info on people in default and could someone join?